[Streetscape around the station]
(6 min walk from the hotel)

The area around Ebina Station, with its modern cityscape, is home to large shopping malls such as VinaWalk and LaLaport, and offers a variety of shopping, dining, and movie theaters, making it a convenient area for both living and playing.

[Romance Car Museum](5 min walk from the hotel)

The Railway Museum of Odakyu Electric Railway is located next to Ebina Station.
The Romancecar is very familiar to people living along the Odakyu Line. Visitors can fully enjoy the goods store, exhibits of past trains and dioramas along the line, tours, and hands-on simulators, and feel the evolution and history of the company's technology and design.

[Ebina Athletic Park](11 min drive from hotel)

The vast, verdant grounds are home to a comprehensive gymnasium and numerous sports facilities, including an athletic field, baseball field, tennis courts, and indoor swimming pool. There is also an adventure square with large playground equipment for children, a barbecue area, and a sparsely wooded square where visitors can interact with ponies and small animals. The park is sometimes used as a venue for events and is well-liked by many local residents.

[Sagami River](23 min walk from the hotel)

Its water source is Lake Yamanaka, and it is called "Katsura River" in Yamanashi Prefecture upstream. The Sagami River, the largest river in Kanagawa Prefecture, originates from "Sagamino-kuni" and has played an important role as the center of local culture and festivals.
Every year, we hold many events that can be enjoyed by both children and adults, such as the "Ebina Citizens' Festival" held in Ebina City and the "Atsugi Ayu Festival" held in Atsugi City, including a large fireworks display.

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