『VISTA Cafe』(1F)

| Japanese and Western buffet breakfast |

The buffet breakfast includes rice purchased from local farmers, Isehara's brand yam, and other ingredients that are unique to Ebina, where the workings of nature are close at hand with mountains, rivers, and fields.

Recommended menu

≪Japanese yam "Jinenjo Oyama" ≫

Our hotel is the only hotel that offers Tororo(grated yam) for breakfast using the Kanagawa brand "Jinenjo Oyama".

It is more sticky than ordinary yam and can be eaten tasty with the original fragrance of the yam alive even when stretched with a soup stock. The name of "Chinese medicine" is so nutritious that it is called "Mountain medicine" and has been cherished since ancient times.
The staff roasts the beard and rubs it one by one every morning. It is a gem recommended for healthy-minded customers.

| "Tenkomori" rice from local farmers |

The white rice served is locally grown "Tenkomori" rice.
It has a strong stickiness, and although it is small, you can feel the umami in each one, and it goes well with the Tororo (grated yam) that we are proud of.

| Soy meat keema curry |

Popular with men and women of all ages, the menu changes daily.
This curry is mildly spicy with a strong flavor of richly blended vegetables.

Restaurant Information

VenueThe first floor restaurant [VISTA Cafe]
Opening Hours6:30-9:30(Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays until 10:00)
Price1,100 yen (1,300 yen on the day)Including tax
Please contact us for private use during non-breakfast hours.

Bright sunlight pours in through the venue's large windows, and the first floor lobby is filled with the delicious aroma of breakfast.
Please spend a pleasant moment at Vista Cafe at the beginning of a day.